Cross Border Product Sales Agreement Excerpt 1


5.1 Seller shall deliver the Shipment of the Products to the applicable Place of Delivery on or before the applicable Delivery Date set out in Annex 3. If the Place of Delivery is different from the Installation Site, then Buyer shall be responsible for transportation and insurance of the Shipment from the Place of Delivery to the Installation Site.


5.2 At least [15] days before making the Shipment, Seller shall send Buyer written notice of all relevant shipping details, including description, quantity and approximate weight and size of the Products in the Shipment, and other information consistent with industry practice.


5.3 All the Products shall be shipped in complete sets, except as otherwise agreed, i.e., any special tools for installation, materials and easily worn-out parts shall be dispatched along with the relevant Products.


5.4 All of the Products to be delivered by Seller shall be packed in a manner suitable to protect it against repeated handling, loading and unloading. Protective measures consistent with the characteristics and requirements of the Products shall be taken to prevent the Products from damage by moisture, rain, shock and corrosion.


5.5 All Products will be delivered in a quantity within 10% (more or less) of the quantity set out in Annex 2. Buyer will pay Seller for the amount of Products actually delivered.

所有产品的交付数量的误差范围应在附件二中规定数量的 10%以内。买方将根据实际交付的产品数量向卖方付款。

5.6 Seller shall notify Buyer by fax or email of all shipping details promptly after each Shipment has been dispatched.


5.7 Within a reasonable time after the Shipment has been dispatched, Seller shall mail the Customs Clearance Documents to Buyer.


5.8 The Party responsible for obtaining insurance during shipment for the Products and Documentation shall be determined in accordance with the Relevant Incoterms.


5.9 Buyer shall collect the Shipment of Products within [10] Business Days of Delivery to the Place of Delivery. In the event Buyer fails to collect the Shipment of Products within the agreed period:


  • Risk of loss shall pass to Buyer; and


  • Seller may in its sole discretion, choose to procure storage for the Products, and Buyer shall be liable to Seller for the related fees and expenses.


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