Henry and Sandy assisted a German client in setting up a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in China.

A leading German manufacturer specializing in neurophysiological solutions, aiming to expand its global operations, has successfully established a subsidiary in Mainland China with the assistance of legal professionals from Yingke (Shenzhen) Law Firm.

Our English-proficient lawyer promptly communicated with the client to comprehend their business scope, industry, and objectives. Based on this understanding, we concluded that the client’s sector is not included in the negative list where Foreign Investment is restricted or prohibited, allowing us to proceed with the establishment. We created a comprehensive to-do list, guiding the client in selecting the type of company, choosing a company name, understanding the meaning of each Chinese character, determining the registered capital, and more.

Additionally, we offered professional advice on the notarization and legalization of the subsidiary’s shareholder’s certificate of incorporation, providing essential information and assisting the client in making well-informed decisions.

Once all details were confirmed and prepared, we filled out the application form and drafted AOA form, and officers’ nomination form for the legal representative of the subsidiary to sign. Upon receiving the signed original copies in China, we submitted them to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

To our surprise, we received the certificate of registration the following day, showcasing remarkable efficiency! Yingke lawyers remain dedicated to providing high-quality legal services to international enterprises operating in China.

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