YK Attorneys Had a 2-day Visit in Hong Kong

Lawyers visit Hong Hong Law firm

Recently, Yingke Law Firm Shenzhen Office organized a 2-day visit to Hong Kong for our International Lawyers.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to sit in on court hearings at the High Court. Additionally, we visited Parkside Chambers and Deacons Law Firm, where we participated in meetings with partners from different practicing areas, including litigation and dispute resolution, financial services, corporate finance, intellectual property protection, and business affairs. We received detailed answers to questions about Hong Kong law that Yingke lawyers have encountered in our work. Our last stop was a visit to Professor Yun Zhao, Head of the Department of Law at the University of Hong Kong, where we had an in-depth exchange of views about GBA legal issues.

This event marked a significant first step in leading young international lawyers from Yingke to go global. Not only did it enhance communication with Hong Kong colleagues and open up international perspectives, but it also strengthened communication and trust among Yingke lawyers. This positive development will play a crucial role in future business integration and promoting team cooperation. The event was indeed very fruitful.

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