A Step-by-Step Guide for Exporting Chicken Paws to China

Exporting chicken paws to China involves several detailed steps to ensure compliance with Chinese regulations. Here is a comprehensive procedure for food producers to follow:

1. Understand Regulatory Requirements

– Familiarize with GAC Decree No. 249: Study the “Measures for the Safety Administration of Imported and Exported Food” and other relevant Chinese food safety regulations.

– Check Approved Country List: Ensure that your country is on the list of approved countries allowed to export frozen chicken paws to China.

2. Register with Chinese Authorities

– Overseas Producer Registration: Register your production facility with the General Administration of Customs of China (GAC). This includes providing detailed information about your production processes, safety standards, and compliance with Chinese regulations.

– Import-Export Company Registration: the exporting company in the origin country needs to be registered with Chinese customs.

– Import-Export Company record filing: Both the exporting company in the origin country and the importing company in China need to file records with Chinese customs.

 3. Obtain Necessary Certifications

– Health and Safety Certificates: Obtain health and safety certifications from your local food safety authority, ensuring they meet Chinese standards.

– Animal and Plant Quarantine Approval: Secure quarantine approval for incoming animals and plants from relevant Chinese authorities.

– Country of Origin: Ensure that all shipments clearly state the country of origin.

4. Prepare Documentation

– Certificate of Conformity: Ensure all shipments are accompanied by a certificate of conformity, verifying that the products meet Chinese safety standards.

– Shipping Documents: Prepare all necessary shipping documents, including the bill of lading, invoice, and packing list.

5. Arrange Transportation

– Refrigerated Containers: Arrange for the chicken paws to be shipped in refrigerated containers to maintain the appropriate temperature and ensure product safety during transportation.

6. Customs Declaration and Clearance in China

– Submit Documentation: Upon arrival in China, submit all required documentation to Chinese customs for review.

– Customs Inspection: Chinese customs will conduct inspections and may perform additional sampling and testing.

– Conformity Assessment: Undergo the conformity assessment process, which includes document review, on-site inspections, and potential sampling.

7. Post-Import Requirements

– Import and Sales Record Inspection: Maintain accurate records of all imports and sales of chicken paws to ensure traceability and compliance with Chinese regulations.

– Regular Audits and Compliance Checks: Expect regular audits and compliance checks from Chinese authorities to ensure ongoing adherence to safety standards.


To export chicken paws to China, food producers need to:

1. Understand and comply with Chinese regulations.

2. Register their production facility and importing/exporting companies.

3. Obtain necessary health, safety, and quarantine certifications.

4. Prepare and submit all required documentation.

5. Arrange proper transportation and undergo customs inspections.

6. Maintain compliance through regular audits and record-keeping.

Following these steps ensures that the export process is smooth and that the chicken paws meet all Chinese import requirements.

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